Cruise to Ocean Cay from Miami

Set sail from Miami on an adventure you won't soon forget, with stops in Ocean Cay along the way. Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, one of the Bahamas' private islands for cruise ships, is situated about 20 miles south of Bimini and 65 miles southeast of Miami. Ocean Cay is actually two small islands joined by a footbridge, with a sheltered lagoon in the middle. Ships dock right at the island, so as soon as passengers are ready for some time in the sun, they can simply disembark and stroll onto the island. From the island's pier, you can take the free tram to any of the island's beaches. Guests have their pick of a wide variety of beaches, both ocean- and lagoon-facing, each with its own unique character. Visitors can arrange water-based tours and hire water sports equipment, and there are bars and food trucks dotted all across the island.

Ocean Cay, Bahamas

Ocean Cay, Bahamas

Ocean Cay is a man-made island that was dredged into existence for the purpose of extracting aragonite sand for numerous industrial applications. MSC Cruises restored a former sand extraction site, surrounded by damaged reefs, into a beautiful beach resort. Now you can have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in the Caribbean Marine Reserve, where you can get in touch with nature, enjoy the welcoming Bahamian attitude, and learn about sustainable practices. Ocean Cay Lagoon, a wedding pavilion, a sports complex, a marina, a lighthouse, a Bahamian-style village, and a welcome center are all part of the resort.Bahamas's harbor, the Ocean Cay has been a port of call for ships for generations, and today some of the world's most well-known cruise lines, including MSC Cruises, and many more, stop there with passengers.

Ocean Cay Out of Miami Cruise Schedule

A cruise that begins in Miami and stops in the Ocean Cay would enchant even the most seasoned tourist with its natural splendor. Cruises to the Ocean Cay are ideal for those who fantasize about lovely beaches dotted with palm trees and crystal-clear waters.