Unveiling San Andres: A Caribbean Paradise in Colombia

San Andres, Colombia

Welcoming Dawn: Arrival at San Andres

The early morning hours, usually between 6 to 8 a.m., see the gradual arrival of cruise ships at the Port of San Andres. Passengers disembarking will be greeted by the sweet scent of salt air mingled with Colombian coffee. Local vendors selling a variety of Colombian crafts and delights line the harbor, giving an inviting glimpse of the vibrant day ahead.

The Island Explorer: Cultural Landmarks of San Andres

Setting foot on San Andres soil, be ready to absorb the colorful blend of Caribbean and Colombian cultures. Start your journey in the city center, where the charming little church, Iglesia San Andrés, awaits. Pay a visit to the San Andrés House of Culture for a deeper dive into the island's history, folklore, and art.

Caribbean Retreat: San Andres Beaches

San Andres boasts some of the finest beaches in the Caribbean. The most accessible is Spratt Bight Beach, just a few steps from the city center. For a unique experience, head over to the tranquil San Luis Beach, framed by coconut palms. Johnny Cay, a small island off the coast, offers an exotic beach experience with its stunning coral formations.

Adrenaline Rush: San Andres Excursions

For those craving action, San Andres provides plenty of excitement. Underwater explorers can head to La Piscinita or West View, famous for snorkeling and diving. You can also explore the island on wheels by renting a golf cart or a scooter, a popular way of getting around the island's scenic 30 km road.

A Taste of San Andres: Local Flavors

Savor the island's local flavors by trying Rondon, a traditional seafood stew, or the coconut rice often served with fish. Quench your thirst with a delicious glass of sweet, milky Coco Loco, a typical San Andres cocktail. The island's culinary scene is a melting pot of Caribbean and Latin American influences, promising a delightful dining experience.

Fond Farewells: Last-minute Shopping and Departure

Before returning to your ship, don't forget to stop by the local market for souvenirs. Shop for local artisan crafts, Colombian coffee, or a bottle of the island's renowned Ron Viejo de Caldas rum. As the sun sets, it's time to board your ship, taking the vibrant memories of San Andres with you as you embark on your next adventure.

San Andres from Miami Cruise Schedule

A cruise that begins in Miami and stops in the San Andres would enchant even the most seasoned tourist with its natural splendor. Cruises to the San Andres are ideal for those who fantasize about lovely beaches dotted with palm trees and crystal-clear waters.