August 2023 cruise to Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

Puerto Limon, Costa Rica Cruise to Puerto Limon in August 2023. The Port of Miami, Florida, departs numerous cruise ships from Miami cruise terminals throughout August 2023, offering a top-quality itinerary to Puerto Limon, Costa Rica. There’s lots to see and do in Puerto Limon, your only job is to find your little bit of heaven in this great cruise destination. The color of the sea is indescribable; it is calm; no waves; and the water is warm and clear. If you’re looking for a tropical getaway, Puerto Limon’s warm waters are the ultimate place for relaxation.

Puerto Limon Weather

Puerto Limon, Costa Rica, has a tropical climate. Because of this, Puerto Caldera is a terrific year-round tourism destination. Puerto Limon's average annual temperature is roughly 81 degrees Fahrenheit, though the beach sections can reach the mid-90s. The hottest and most tropical months are March through May, with the coolest months being November through January. Don't overlook the rainy season (or "green season") when visiting Puerto Limon, since it is a lovely time to observe the area at its most lush. Despite the emerald green countryside that gives this season its name, there will be no persistent rain. The bulk of tourists visit Puerto Limon during the dry season, or "summer." The sun shines for 12 hours a day, making it excellent for outdoor activities.

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