Cruises to Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines from Miami

St. Vincent Serenade: A Day in Kingstown

St. Vincent (Kingstown), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Kingstown Call: Stepping Ashore

As the sun unfurls its golden hues, your ship will gently glide into Kingstown Harbor, St. Vincent, usually around 8 AM. The first sight of the bustling harbor, with its historic buildings and scenic mountainside, promises an exciting day. After disembarking, you'll find numerous taxi services and tour operators ready to take you on your island adventure.

Journey Through Kingstown: A Cultural Expedition

Kingstown, rich in history and culture, offers a delightful exploration opportunity. Walk through the lively local markets, relish the colonial charm of the old town, and make your way to St. George's Anglican Cathedral, a stunning example of Gothic architecture. The Botanical Gardens, the oldest in the Western Hemisphere, is a must-visit for its vibrant flora.

Of Sun, Sand, and Sea: Beaches in St. Vincent

Kingstown may not have beaches within walking distance, but a quick taxi ride will lead you to tranquil havens. Villa Beach and Indian Bay Beach are the closest ones, offering calm waters and golden sands. For more secluded spots, venture further to Buccament Bay or Black Point Beach.

Pursuit of Adventure: St. Vincent’s Exciting Outdoors

For those seeking thrill and adventure, St. Vincent doesn't disappoint. Hike up the La Soufrière Volcano for breathtaking panoramic views or delve into the mystery of the bat-inhabited Dark View Falls. An excursion to the Tobago Cays will offer a fantastic snorkeling experience.

A Taste of Kingstown: St. Vincent's Culinary Delights

Local cuisine in St. Vincent is a gastronomic delight. Try the national dish, roasted breadfruit and fried jackfish. Be sure to sample the Arrowroot biscuits and wash it all down with the island's famed Hairoun Beer or Sunset Strong Rum.

Keepsakes from Kingstown: Souvenirs and Departure

Before your departure, typically set for 5 PM, visit the local craft market to take back a piece of St. Vincent. From hand-woven baskets, unique pottery to exotic spices, there's plenty to choose from. As you board your ship, take one last gaze at the beautiful island, storing the memory of a spectacular day spent in Kingstown.

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