Seabourn Cruise from Miami in 2025

Seabourn cruises from Miami in 2025Seabourn offers a variety of cruises from Miami in 2025. Seabourn provides a selection of package options to enhance your Caribbean cruise from Miami. These include dining, beverages, and a range of engaging offshore excursions that are curated to cater to different interests. From city tours to beach retreats, and from adventure activities to cultural experiences, Seabourn's offshore excursions offer an immersive exploration of the Caribbean's diverse offerings. With the Seabourn Difference, every cruise becomes a uniquely tailored journey.

Seabourn fleet in 2025

  • Seabourn Sojourn: Focuses on ultra-luxury with features like a marina platform for water sports and gourmet dining options that highlight local flavors of the destinations.

Seabourn Destinations from Miami

Cruise to the spectacular Caribbean Sea’s warm waters and lively islands with Seabourn from Miami in 2025.

  • Eastern Caribbean: Experience the vibrant cultures and breathtaking landscapes of the Eastern Caribbean, from lush rainforests to idyllic beaches.
  • Southern Caribbean: Venture to the Southern Caribbean to uncover hidden gems with less-traveled roads and intimate, peaceful islands.


Seabourn offers a variety of Caribbean itineraries available from Miami, ranging from 12 to 12 days.

Cruise Types

Nearly all cruises departing from Miami are roundtrip cruise.

  • Roundtrip Cruise: Provide circular routes that return to the starting port—ideal for straightforward, return voyages.

Cruise Itineraries and Schedule from Miami 2025