MSC Magnifica Bahamas cruise from Miami

MSC Magnifica

This tropical location is extremely popular among travelers from all over the world due to its one-of-a-kind and enchanting island ambiance, lovely warm weather, sandy and pristine beaches, and unlimited variety of activities and things to do outside. You may easily enjoy the subtropical beauty of the Bahamas during an overnight stay or a weeklong cruise, and there is an island in the Bahamas to suit every taste and style.

Bahamas Ports of Call

Bahamas cruise from Miami include stops in some of the most breathtaking beaches and crystal-clear waters in the world.

  • Bahamas: A short cruise from Miami brings you to the Bahamas, offering an easy escape to its famed turquoise waters and vibrant island culture.


There are various Bahamas itineraries departing from Miami in 2024, ranging from 3 to 11 days.

Cruise Types

Nearly all cruises departing from Miami are roundtrip cruise.

  • Roundtrip Cruise: Provide circular routes that return to the starting port—ideal for straightforward, return voyages.
  • Mini Cruise: Brief, convenient escapes ideal for quick relaxation and first-time cruisers, usually spanning 3-5 days.

MSC Magnifica Bahamas Itineraries and Cruise Schedule from Miami

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Western Caribbean
cruise from Miami
onboard MSC Magnifica

Departure Date: Monday, July 29, 2024

MSC Cruises Western Caribbean 11-day route to Ocean Cay, Ocean Cay, Nassau, Miami, Cozumel, Roatan, Costa Maya, Ocean Cay

Line Name: MSC Cruises

Ship Name: MSC Magnifica

Duration: 11-day cruise

Cruise Type: Roundtrip cruise

Ports of Call: Miami (5:00pm), Ocean Cay (1:30pm-11:59pm), Ocean Cay (0:00am-8:00pm), Nassau (9:00am-6:00pm), Miami (7:00am-5:00pm), Cozumel (8:00am-6:00pm), Roatan (9:00am-6:00pm), Costa Maya (8:00am-6:00pm), Ocean Cay (8:00am-8:00pm), Miami (7:00am);