Allura from Miami in 2025

Oceania Cruises Allura offer a variety of cruises from Miami in 2025. Sail away from your ordinary life onboard Allura and find tropical pleasure in the Caribbean islands with Oceania Cruises, departing from Miami in 2025.

Oceania Cruises Destinations from Miami

Cruise to the spectacular Caribbean Sea’s warm waters and lively islands with Oceania Cruises from Miami in 2025.

  • Bahamas: Discover the enchanting allure of the Bahamas, where white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters invite relaxation and adventure.
  • Eastern Caribbean: Experience the vibrant cultures and breathtaking landscapes of the Eastern Caribbean, from lush rainforests to idyllic beaches.
  • Panama Canal: Witness the engineering marvel of the Panama Canal and explore the rich history and diverse ecosystems surrounding this iconic waterway.
  • Southern Caribbean: Venture to the Southern Caribbean to uncover hidden gems with less-traveled roads and intimate, peaceful islands.
  • Western Caribbean: Embrace the dynamic spirit of the Western Caribbean, featuring ancient ruins, diverse ecosystems, and lively cultures.


Oceania Cruises offers a variety of Caribbean itineraries available from Miami, ranging from 11 to 14 days.

Cruise Types

Nearly all cruises departing from Miami are roundtrip cruise.

  • Roundtrip Cruise: Provide circular routes that return to the starting port—ideal for straightforward, return voyages.

Allura Cruise Itineraries and Schedule from Miami 2025

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Southern Caribbean
cruise from Miami
onboard Allura

Departure Date: Sunday, December 21, 2025

Oceania Cruises Southern Caribbean 14-day route to Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, St. Georges, Bridgetown, Kingstown, Roseau, Antigua, St. Maarten

Line Name: Oceania Cruises

Ship Name: Allura

Duration: 14-day cruise

Cruise Type: Roundtrip cruise

Ports of Call: Miami (6:00pm), Aruba (10:00am-11:00pm), Curacao (7:00am-11:00pm), Bonaire (7:00am-1:00pm), St. Georges (1:00pm-11:00pm), Bridgetown (9:00am-7:00pm), Kingstown (8:00am-6:00pm), Roseau (8:00am-7:00pm), Antigua (8:00am-11:00pm), St. Maarten (7:00am-4:00pm), Miami (8:00am);