6-day cruise schedule from Miami

When you depart from Miami on one of the 6-day cruise itineraries to the Bahamas or Caribbean, you will have the opportunity to experience the ideal tropical vacation. You can completely immerse yourself in the island way of life if you take one of the cruises that last for 6 days and depart from Miami. These cruises can take you to the Bahamas, the western, southern, or eastern Caribbean, and while you are sailing there, you will be able to enjoy the many subtle joys that the region has to offer.

6-day Caribbean and the Bahamas cruise

Royal Caribbean Looking for 6-day cruise from Miami, Florida? Discover best 6-day cruise vacations to the Caribbean Sea’s warm waters and lively islands from the port of Miami. Whether you are into adventures like snorkeling and scuba diving or more laid-back activities like beach reading and sipping a frozen cocktail, there’s a Caribbean island that’s right for you. 6-day cruise are perfect getaway or last-minute cruise and offer great value over a typical cruise vacation. With accommodations, entertainment and meals included in your cruise fare, it’s easy to discover the meaning of true relaxation.

Find and plan your next 6-day cruise from the port of Miami, Florida

An wonderful tropical holiday can be had by setting sail from Miami on a 7-day Caribbean cruise. Take a 7-day Caribbean cruise out of Miami and explore the islands in the Western, Southern, or Eastern Caribbean, all while soaking up the laid-back island vibe.