One Day in CocoCay: Experience Your Own Slice of Bahamian Paradise

CocoCay (Little Stirrup Cay), Bahamas

Step Off the Ship and Into Adventure

As your ship sails into the CocoCay harbor, typically in the early morning hours, prepare for a day packed with excitement. With the sun greeting you with its warm glow, you'll disembark into a world where crystal-clear waters meet fine sandy beaches. Whether you're keen to relax or raring for adventure, CocoCay offers experiences for everyone.

Connect with the Island's Unspoiled Charm

While CocoCay doesn't have a traditional town, its private island allure provides plenty of charm. Wander along well-kept trails, take in the panoramic views from the helium balloon ride, or indulge in the simple pleasure of strolling barefoot on the sandy beach. Despite being a private island, CocoCay doesn't lack cultural attractions, thanks to Royal Caribbean's creative efforts to showcase Bahamian culture through local musicians and artisans.

Serenity and Sunshine: CocoCay's Beach Bliss

CocoCay boasts several pristine beaches, each offering its unique allure. Chill Island is the ideal spot for those seeking a classic beach day with tranquil waters and ample sun loungers. If you're traveling with kids, South Beach provides a plethora of family-friendly activities. For the ultimate in luxury, treat yourself to a private cabana at the exclusive Coco Beach Club.

Embrace Your Adventurous Spirit

CocoCay promises an adrenaline rush for those seeking action and adventure. The Thrill Waterpark, home to North America's tallest waterslide, is a favorite among thrill-seekers. You can also zip line across the island, snorkel in vibrant underwater landscapes, or paddleboard and kayak in the gentle waves. With such a variety of outdoor activities, every adventurer will find something to satisfy their thirst for excitement.

A Culinary Voyage in CocoCay

After a day of exploration and adventure, you'll surely work up an appetite. Fortunately, CocoCay offers a wide range of dining options. Relish the traditional Bahamian fish fry at the Skippers' Grill or enjoy fresh tacos at Captain Jack's. For a refreshing treat, try Bahamian conch salad, a local favorite, and wash it down with a tropical cocktail or the locally loved Kalik beer.

Take a Piece of CocoCay with You

Before the day ends, don't forget to shop for souvenirs to remember your time on CocoCay. At the Straw Market, you can buy handmade crafts, jewelry, and traditional Bahamian straw items. As the sun dips below the horizon, you'll return to your ship, holding in your heart the fond memories of a day well spent on the dazzling shores of CocoCay.

CocoCay (Little Stirrup Cay) from Miami Cruise Schedule

A cruise that begins in Miami and stops in the CocoCay (Little Stirrup Cay) would enchant even the most seasoned tourist with its natural splendor. Cruises to the CocoCay (Little Stirrup Cay) are ideal for those who fantasize about lovely beaches dotted with palm trees and crystal-clear waters.